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At least 50 minutes of the best classics. Next on [Calls]. (12-13-17)

[Calls] wants you to take us on vacation. We're packed and ready to go. Broadcasting live from the World Wide web... (12-13-17)

[Calls/City]. Prepare to get the most music. In 60 seconds. (12-13-17)

Another 45 minutes of today's best music. Continuous music starting now on [Calls]. (12-13-17)

[Calls] 5 o'clock Disc Drive. There's always a party in your dashboard. (12-13-17)

[Frequency] percent uninterrupted direct digital feeds straight into the pleasure zones of the brain. [Calls]. (12-13-17)

It's another long set of the best new music and your all time favorites. And it starts now. On [Calls]. (12-13-17)

We play the best music on the radio in [City], [Calls]. (12-13-17)

We've got your music right now. Here's a long set of the best new music and your all time favorites. On [Calls]. (12-13-17)

The 5 o'clock Happy Hour. Know it, live it love it. On [Calls]. (12-13-17)

Back to the music faster. [Calls]. (12-13-17)

The best variety of the 80's, 90's and today with a minimum of talk. This is [Calls]. (12-13-17)

The best variety of the 80's, 90's and today. The great songs that make the workday go faster. Only on [Calls]. (12-13-17)

Playing enough hit music to last far beyond Y2k, Y3K and thousands of years after. [Calls]. (12-13-17)

Warning this show is intended for adults only. It's 5 o'clock. Time to kiss your boss goodbye. [Calls]. (12-13-17)

[Calls], [City]'s #1 station for the Baby Boom generation. (12-13-17)

[Calls], where every day sounds like the weekend. (12-13-17)

Now polluting two frequencies. [Frequency 1] and [Frequency 2]. [Calls]. (12-13-17)

96 minutes of non-stop music in progress. On [Calls]. (12-13-17)

More variety, better music. [Calls]. (12-13-17)

Picking you up and making you feel good. [Calls]. (12-13-17)

You're online and plugged in for another 12 in a row. It's today's [Format] hits on [Calls]. (12-13-17)

You're hearing today's [Format] hits on [Calls]. (12-13-17)

[Calls] with more of today's best music. More music... next. (12-13-17)

This is [City]'s station for the most music in the morning and all music all day long. [Calls]. (12-13-17)

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