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Stand By Your Jams. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

You Can Deal With This, Or You Can Deal With That. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Jammin' Double Cash In Your Pockets. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

More Music, Better Variety. Here's A Sample From Our New Music Menu. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Takes A Knockin' And Keeps On Rockin'. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

The Only Radio Station With Side Effects. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Listen All You Want (Crunch!) We'll Play More! [Calls] (01-10-94) (03-24-17)

We Play The Best Music... We Have To, We Have The Best Listeners. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Lock It In, Charge It Up To The Maximum Power. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Jammin' At The Speed Of Light. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Hot Music, Cold Cash. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Now, It's Time To Shut-Up And Play The Hits. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Massive Digital Hits. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Dominating The Airwaves For Over A Decade. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Turn It Up Loud And Blow Out The Windshield. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Lock Us In, Punch Them Out. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

First With The Hottest Hits. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Maximum Music, Minimum Interruption. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Nothing But The Hits, All The Time. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Feel The Power. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

The Call Letters, The Frequency, The Radio Station. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

The Only Station Big Enough To Kick Butt And Take Names. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Now Another 30 Minutes Of America's Hottest Hits. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Fully Charged To The Maximum Power. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

Lock It In And Rip The Knob Off. [Calls]. (03-24-17)

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