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Because We Have A Tower And You Don't. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

If You Don't Love Us, Your Sister Will. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

The Best Thing To Happen To Your Car Since Air Bags. [SFX: Crash] [Calls]. (10-20-17)

If You Want Rock, You Got It. If You Want Money, Get A Job. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

The Best New Music First. [Calls]. Period. (10-20-17)

Now Some More Wholesome, Good Natured, Family Entertainment. [SFX] Ooops. Wrong Station. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

[Calls], With Another Sixty Minutes Again This Hour. (10-20-17)

Please Remain Seated Until The Music Comes To A Complete Stop. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

Never Settle For Less. Although Its Highly Unlikely Youll Find Another Radio Station With Less. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

[Calls], Now Available Without A Prescription. (10-20-17)

Creeping Up On You Like A Pair Of Bad Underwear. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

If You'd Like A Transcript Of This Program, Write Down Everything You Hear. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

[Calls], What Radio Wants To Be When It Grows Up. (10-20-17)

Change Your Attitude, Not The Dial. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

May We Have Your Attention! [City]'s Best Music For All People. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

We're About To Embark On Quite A Journey. More Music. 40 Minutes. Now. On [Calls]. (10-20-17)

[City]'s New Music. Now. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

40 Minutes Commercial Free. 40 Minutes On [Calls]. (10-20-17)

[Calls], It's Really A Miracle Of Evolution. (10-20-17)

Taking Rock To The Extreme. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

Number One Among People Who Listen To Us All The Time. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

We Now Interrupt These Annoucements To Bring You More Music. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

What You Are About To Hear Is Real. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

Don't Be Ofended, We're Always This Way. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

Playing The Music That Matters. (Record Scratch, Crash) That Don't Matter. [Calls]. (10-20-17)

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