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A Station With A Whole Bunch Of CD's. And We're Playing Them One At A Time. Otherwise It Get's Too Confusing! [Calls]. (08-21-17)

We Pause Now Or A Word From Our Sponsors... Aw, On Second Thought, Forget It. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Bringing The Fun Back To Radio. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Guaranteed To Cure Boredom, Depression And Slight Cases Of Dandruff. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Four Months Of Totally Irresponsible Behavior, The Z-100 Days Of Summer. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Rules? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rules. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Certified By A Nerdy Little CPA From [Local Small Town]. Nobody Has More Fun. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Whenever You Hear "Turn That Thing Down!", You Can Bet We're Involved. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

We Have Seen The Future, And We're Still Confused. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

The Whoopee Cushion Of Radio. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

The Station Your Neighbors Listen To, Whether They Want To Or Not. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Remember What Station You're Listening To... There May Be A Quiz Later. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

The Official Radio Station Of The "Close Cover Before Striking" School Of Broadcasting. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Music That's Free For The Listening. No Club Cads, No Secret Handshake, No Dues To Pay. No Special Equipment To Rent, No Increased Fees. Just The Best Variety No Money Down. No Payments, In Fact, We're Free. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Pausing For A Moment To Let All Others Catch Up. Thank You. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

We're Offering You Increased Service With No Rate Hike. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

We Won't Charge You To Watch Us. In Fact, We Kinda' Like It. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Now This Is Variety. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Bigger And Brighter Than [Local Newscaster's] Ties. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

The Good Times Will Never End, Until They Cut Our Power. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

More Fun Than Sticking Your Tongue To A Metal Pole In January. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

If You Love The Music As Much As We Do, Get A Life. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

Where The More You Listen, The Later It Gets. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

We Play Music, Talk A Little, Then We Play Some Commercials, Followed By More Music. [Calls]. (08-21-17)

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