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IDs & Sweepers

Hang On To Your Hats. Here Comes A Whole Bunch Of Tunes. Today's Hit Music. On [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Broadcasting From High Atop [Local Landmark] To Your Office. Today's Hit Music On [Calls]. (09-22-20)

The One Station In [City] That Picks You Up And Makes You Feel Good. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Here's Another Song You'll Hear Only On [Calls]. And Nowhere Else. (09-22-20)

Your Artists. Your Music. Only On [Calls]. No Question. (09-22-20)

Back To The Music Faster. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Now Another 40 Minutes Of Back-To-Back Hits. Commercial Free. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Dropping The Beat. On [Calls]. (09-22-20)


Music That Keeps You Moving. Music That Makes You Feel Good. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

The Beat Is On. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

[Calls] Plays The Best Mix Of The 80's, The 90's And Today. The Most Variety Is On [Calls]. (09-22-20)

New Music Now. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Now, Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Now, A Solid Hour. 60 Minutes Of Continuous Music. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

[Calls]. Picking You Up And Making You Feel Good With A 50-50 Mix Of Music From Yesterday And Today. (09-22-20)

Warning! Warning! Please Stand Clear Of Your Radio. We're About To Load In A Tonage Of Tuneage. 20 Tunes In A Row Start Now. And We Keep The Commericals Off The Premises. [Calls]. (09-22-20)


We Have Seen The Future, And It Is Rock. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Defending Your Right To Rock. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

You're broke. Busted. Skinned. No Cash Flow Until Friday. Good Thing [Calls] Is Free. (09-22-20)

Today's Hottest Music. Zero Commercials. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Now... It's Almost World Famous. The 12-In-A-Row Commercial Free Kiss-A-Thon. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

You're In The Middle Of An 12-Song Kiss-A-Thon. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Click Here To Begin. You've Found It, Hit Music For The New Millennium. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

Back To The Music Faster. [Calls]. (09-22-20)

The Station Oklahoma City Turns To For The Best Music. Every Hour. Every Day. [Calls]. (09-22-20)


Changes & Moves
Morgan Evans
Morgan Evans
Recording artist Morgan Evans has been tapped to "take over" the midday slot on KKGO (Go Country 105) Los Angeles acting as guest host throughout the More