IDs & Sweepers

At least 10 songs in a row, kick off... now. [City]'s Hit Music Channel [Calls]. (10-14-19)

Ten in a row in progress. Ten in a row. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

Easy to work to, and great to sing along with. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

This is [City]'s #1 hit music station. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

Kicking off 40 minutes of of today's hit music. Commercial free music starts now. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

The CD is ready. Back with more music on [Calls]. (10-14-19)

There's always more lite rock, because there's always less talk. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

It's the most music in [City]. 50 minutes of music every hour. [Calls]. (10-14-19)


The absolute most music in [City]. 50 minutes of music every hour. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

The best 4 hours you've ever wasted. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

Here it comes. When you want more of today's hit music. It's [Calls]. Begin music sequence. (10-14-19)

[Calls]. It sounds just as good on your car radio as it does while you're working. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

The radio station that picks you up and makes you feel good. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

It's time for another great hour of [City]'s [Format]. [Calls]. The music starts right now. (10-14-19)

Playing more of today's hit music. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

[Calls]. It's where we give you three in a row. From the super hit artists from the 60's & 70's. (10-14-19)


You're smack dab in the middle of another 40-minute music marathon. Proving once again we play the most back to back to back super hits of the 60's & 70's. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

[Calls], where you're in the middle of a triple play. (10-14-19)

New rock exclusive. Hits first. [Calls]. (10-14-19)

[Calls]. All of today's hit music. Not just some of it. (10-14-19)

[Calls]. [Morning Team] in the morning. The best variety of songs all day. (10-14-19)

[Calls]. The 50/50 music mix of the 80's, 90's & today. (10-14-19)

[Calls]. Closing quickly on quitin' time. It's the nine to five no repeat workday. (10-14-19)

A commercial free marathon starts now. On [Calls], [City]'s Rock. (10-14-19)

Back to back to back non-stop rock. It's a commercial free hour on [Calls], [City]'s Rock. (10-14-19)


Changes & Moves
Greg Likens
Greg Likens
South Florida sports host Greg Likens exits weekends at Entercom's WAXY-AM (790 The Ticket)/Miami for a job outside of radio More



Quick Snaps
KHPR-FM/Honolulu: HPR/Hawaii Public Radio ''All Things Considered'' host Dave Lawrence spends time with 10,000 Maniacs' Dennis Drew & Mary Ramsey during their debut Hawaii performance at the Blue Note Hawaii.