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IDs & Sweepers

You're locked into another hour of the 70's & 80's. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

More variety and no repeats. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

You've found the party station, [Calls]. (11-24-20)

[Calls], the party station. (11-24-20)

We are [City]'s original rock & roll station. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

Make no mistake. This is [City]'s original rock & roll station. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

[Calls], the best mix of the 80's, 90's and today. (11-24-20)

What station plays the best mix of music from 70's, 80's and today? [Calls], definitely. (11-24-20)


More songs in a row with less talk. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

Number one and havin' fun. Another extra-long stretch of star-powered hits on [Calls]. (11-24-20)

[City]'s hot spot, turn it up. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

Here comes another hour of hot jams. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

19 years of [Format] favorites. One radio station. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

The new [Calls]. The best variety of hits from the 90's, the 80's, and today. (11-24-20)

Whenever you hear [Artist], you're listening to [Calls]. (11-24-20)

Playing through another non-stop 30-minute music marathon on [Calls]. (11-24-20)


Ladies & gentlemen. Back to the music you want. 30 minutes commerical free. Today's hit music. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

Broadcasting live from the epicenter of the hit music universe. This is #1 choice for today's hit music. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

Playing a better variety of today's hit music. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

[Calls]. Today's hit music. The best new music. Now. (11-24-20)

Now, another 50-minute music hour on [City]'s #1 station for listening at work. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

Today's hit music. Right now. [Calls]. (11-24-20)

At [Calls] we only stop the music twice an hour. Today's music. Starting now. (11-24-20)

This is [Calls]. Today's hit music. For [City]. Right now. (11-24-20)

You're listening to [State]'s Best Rock. [Calls]. (11-24-20)


Changes & Moves
Vanessa Hale
Vanessa Hale
Entercom names Vanessa Hale as midday host for CHR KLLC-FM (Alice @ 97.3) in San Francisco, weekdays from 10am-3pm, effective immediately. Hale began More