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IDs & Sweepers

Sometimes We May Sound Strange, But Remember, Nirvana Was Pretty Strange 1991. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

Because We Have A Tower And You Don't. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

If You Don't Love Us, Your Sister Will. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

No Instruction Mannuals Required, We Can't Read. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

It's Free, So Get Off Our Backs. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

The Best Thing To Happen To Your Car Since Air Bags. [SFX Crash] [Calls]. (09-28-23)

Now Some More Wholsome, Good Natured, Family Entertainment. [SFX] Oops, Wrong Station. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

[Jock] On [Calls], We Tried To Hire A Professional, But They Were Just Too Expensive. (09-28-23)


[Jock] On [Calls]. A Guy Who Doesn't Know The Meaning Of The Words Shut Up. (09-28-23)

[Jock] On [Calls], Because A Dirty Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste. (09-28-23)

To Talk To [Jock], Call [Phone #]. It's A Toll-Free, Unless It's Long Distance, Of Course. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

[Jock], Heard On More Radios Than Any Other Appliance. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

[Calls], It's Your Station, But We Own It. (09-28-23)

[Calls], It's Your Station, But Don't Get Any Ideas. (09-28-23)

[Calls], It's Your Station, Because We Have No Idea Wat The Hell Were Doing. (09-28-23)

[Calls], It's Your Station, But We Pay The Bills. (09-28-23)


[Calls], It's Your Station. Well, At Least We Thought It Sounded Cool. (09-28-23)

Today's Hottest Music. Free Delivery, No Money Down, No Credit Checks, No Financing And No Payments For The Rest Of Your Life. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

All-American Hits, And No Overseas Investors. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

High Fiber, Low Fat, No Cholesterol. We Keep You Regular With No Gritty After Taste. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

A Day Without [Calls] Is Like A Lifetime Without Bar-b-que. (09-28-23)

Wherever You Are Is The Place To Be, And Remember To Take Us Along For The Ride. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

If You Like Brand X Half As Much As You Like Us, Then We're Twice The Radio Station They Are. Pretty Deep, Huh? [Calls]. (09-28-23)

Kid Safe, Mother Approved. [Calls]. (09-28-23)

The Surgeon General Has Determined Too Much Of A Bad Thing Is Hazardous To Your Health. Medically Sound, Doctor Recommended. [Calls]. (09-28-23)


Changes & Moves
Maggie Gray and Andrew Perloff
Maggie Gray and Andrew Perloff
Audacy has announced a new morning show for CBS Sports Radio. The current afternoon program "Maggie & Perloff," with Maggie More