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IDs & Sweepers

One World. One Station. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Twelve In A Row Of Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Another Twelve In A Row Starts Now. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

[Calls]. Today's Hit Music. And The Best Mix Of The 80's And 90's. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

You Can Deal With This (SFX of Station)... Or You Can Deal With That (SFX of Wimpy Competitor). [Calls]. (01-19-98) (02-23-24)

Jammin' You A Beat Ahead. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Keepin' The Beat With Less Repeat. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Our Music Is Never Tested On Animals. [Calls]. (02-23-24)


Because We Have A Transmitter And You Don't. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Made To Play Loud! And, If You Can't Handle That, We'll Turn It Down A Little. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

If Another Station Says They Play More Music, Make 'Em Prove It. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

In The Event We Lose Music Pressure, Place Headphones Over Ears And Listen Normally. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Attention: The Noise Coming From Your Radio Is Not A Mistake. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

This Is What Happens When Sick People Are Allowed To Play With Powerful Toys. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Jammin' Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Aren't You Glad You Used Your Dial? Don't You Wish Everyone Did? [Calls]. (02-23-24)


Listen To Us Or We'll Move Into Your Neighborhood. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Diet This, Lowfat That, No Calorie This, No Sugar That... Ah, Who Needs It Here Comes XX Minutes Of Non-stop Music Will All The Stuff You Love! (02-23-24)

[Call's] [All Request/Classic/Flashback/Cafe]. Now Cooked In 100% Vegetable Oil. (02-23-24)

[Call's] [All Request/Classic/Flashback/Cafe]. Be Sure To Look For The New Fat Free Items On The Menu. (02-23-24)

[Calls]. We're Not Sure How The Music Gets From Here To Your Radio... But Does It Really Matter? [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Your Sister Listens To [Morning Man] And We've Got The Pictures To Prove It! [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Want A Better Mix? Call Betty Crocker! (02-23-24)

A Coffee Pot, A Working Copy Machine And [Midday Jock] On The Radio! You're Armed And Ready For The Workday. [Calls]. (02-23-24)

Someday [City] Will Be Divided Into Two Groups. Those Who Listen To [Calls]. And Those Who've Never Listened To Anything Else! (02-23-24)


Changes & Moves
Taylor Stanford
Taylor Stanford
WNFN (Y'all 106.7) in Nashville adds Taylor Stanford as the Country outlet's new air talent. Before joining Y'all 106.7, she served as the More