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IDs & Sweepers

In A World Of Change, The Only Thing Changing Here Is The Disc Jockey's Underwear. At Least We Hope So. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Hits, Hits, Hits. This Is It. [City's] Hit Music Station Is [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Commercials Off, Music On. [City's] Hit Music Station Is [Calls]. (11-26-21)

It's The 5 o'clock Traffic Jam. Our Hits Are Your Hits. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Go Ahead Count 'Em. It's An Eleven Song [Slogan]-a-thon On [Calls]. (11-26-21)

New Music, Every Hour, Every Day. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Music For All People. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

[Calls] With The Most Music This Hour. (11-26-21)


You Might Be Missing Some Of Benefits That Stereo Can Provide. [Calls]. Is That Cool Or What? (11-26-21)

Commercials Off, Music On. Another Long Set Of Today's Hit Music. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Now Another Long Set Of Today's Hit Music. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Playing The Music Everyone Is Switching Stations To Hear. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

You're In The Middle Of Another Half Hour Stopless (Stopless) Music. The Planet's Hottest Music On [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Now You Found A Radio Station That Mixes All Your Favorites Songs Together On One Station -- It's Hot -- [Calls]. (11-26-21)

For Rap, Hip Hop & Repetition, There's Jammin' And Kiss. For Boring And Sleepy Music, There's Magic. Now You've Found A Radio Station That Mixes All Your Favorite Songs Together On One Station. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

[Calls]. It Just Feels Good. (11-26-21)


Now, Back To Back Hits With Zero Commercials. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

If You Hear Someone Giving Away More Money, Call The Police. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Friends Don't Let Friends Forget The Phrase That Pays. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Ladies And Gentlemen... For Listening Pleasure. [Calls]. (11-26-21)

Harrassing The World, Courtesy Of AT&T. [Jock] In The Morning On [Calls]. (11-26-21)

He's Got A Full Tank Of Gas And A Car That Won't Run. [Jock] On [Calls]. (11-26-21)

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor... Ah, [Jock], Nobody Wants To Sponsor You. How About Another Song? [Jock] On [Calls]. (11-26-21)

The Only Person In [City] Besides The Police Commissioner Who Knows Every Police Officer's Name. [Jock] On [Calls]. (11-26-21)

He Wears Depends Undergarments... Just For The Fun Of It! [Jock] On [Calls]. (11-26-21)


Changes & Moves
Jennifer Horn
Jennifer Horn
Salem Media Group's "Morning Answer Show" heard in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire signs Jennifer Horn to a new agreement, keeping More