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IDs & Sweepers

All of today's best music. Not just some of it. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

This is the sound of [Calls]. Today's hit music. Without the rap. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

The [Calls] At-Work Network Music Mix is in your cubicle. [Frequency] on the radio. [Calls].com on the Internet. This is [Calls]/[City]. (06-01-23)

XX minutes commercial free [Calls] starts now. (06-01-23)

[Calls]. [City]'s always at least XX songs in a row hit music channel. (06-01-23)

Triple the music. [City]'s always at least XX songs in a row hit music channel. (06-01-23)

At home, at work or in the car. We're the station you sing along to. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

[Calls], where the winning is easy. (06-01-23)


The XX-song commerical free ride starts now. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

[Calls]. You're inside the XX-song commerical free ride. XX songs or XX grand. On [Calls]. (06-01-23)

Another 40 minutes of commercial free back-to-back hits. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

The original is back. [Calls]. The eighties and beyond. (06-01-23)

Always first with the best new rock. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

And now, back to the music. The best mix of the 80's, 90's and today. This is [City]'s new [Calls]. (06-01-23)

The best mix of the 80's, 90's and today. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

Today's best mix. [Calls]. With more [Calls] music next. (06-01-23)


The music is next. Another long continuous music mix. Full of variety. It happens next on [Calls]. (06-01-23)

You're in the middle of another long continuous music mix. More variety. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

Songs you love from artists you know. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

In just 30 seconds, we'll start another long 40-minute music set. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

Take us with you whatever you're doing. It's a better variety of soft rock from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

[City]'s #1 choice for listening at work. Thanks for choosing a better way to spend the work day. [Calls]. (06-01-23)

[Calls]. Great tunes. Good times. Great favorites. (06-01-23)

A better way to spend the workday. Another more music hour is next. On [Calls]. (06-01-23)

Congratulations, you just racked up another 30 minutes of frequent rocker miles. On [Calls]. (06-01-23)


Changes & Moves
Tanner Chambers
Tanner Chambers
Country KFGY (Froggy 92.9)/Santa Rosa, CA morning co-host Tanner Chambers is exiting "Amber and Tanner in the Morning," after four years reports the More