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IDs & Sweepers

Another [Calls] commercial free hour. 60 minutes of non-stop music on [Calls]. (09-30-22)

We play more hits than Mike Tyson.... and we don't hurt your ears. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

Great music that keeps you going all day at work. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

Number one for today's hit music. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

Voted number one for today's hottest music. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

The party never ends on [Calls]. (09-30-22)

Now, the party keeps jammin' as we kick off another hour of today's hottest music. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

18 songs in a row starts now on [City]'s 18-in-a-row station. [Calls]. (09-30-22)


[City]'s hit music station of the 90's and 80's. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

90's, 80's, 18 in a row on [Calls]. (09-30-22)

All of todays best music, not just some of it. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

Today's best music is on [Calls]. (09-30-22)

[Calls]. This is where today's best music starts. (09-30-22)

Real music variety. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

XX minutes of continuous music. Feel the rush. Take the ride. Right now. The [Calls] adrenaline rush hour. (09-30-22)

The [Calls] adrenaline rush hour. XX minutes minutes of non-stop music. We promise. (09-30-22)


Continuous music. Continuous variety. XX minutes of non-stop music. What a concept. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

XX minutes of continuous music. Right now. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

An extra long bonus. XX minutes of non-stop continuous music. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

It rolls on and on. The best of the 90's and 80's. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

Keeping our promise to play more continuous music. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

It's all new, and it's all about variety. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

We promise to play the most continuous music. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

A fresh new mix of the 80's, 90's and 70's. [Calls]. (09-30-22)

The station where winners listen and listeners win. [Calls]. (09-30-22)


Changes & Moves
Lori Lizarraga
Lori Lizarraga
NPR's "Code Switch" taps journalist Lori Lizarraga as its newest co-host, joining Gene Demby, B.A. Parker and senior correspondent Karen Grigsby More



Quick Snaps
WJBR-FM/Wilmington: WJBR-FM's 12th annual Nemours Children's Hospital Help Our Kids Radiothon raised a total of $332,648 to benefit the hospital's Child Life Programs. The two-day radiothon took place on September 22-23 from 6am to 6pm on the grounds at the hospital. (L-R): WJBR's Mike Rossi (middays), Deanna Marie (mornings), Justin Franiak (mornings) and Brett Radler (part-time on air).