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IDs & Sweepers

We're Everywhere You Wanna Be! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

Ya' Ever Wanna Be On The Radio? And The Dash? And The Windshield? Please... Don't Drive Drunk! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

A Few Drinks... A Few Laughs... Next Thing Ya Know... Everyone's In Stitches! Don't Drive Drunk! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

You're Listening To The Morning Show With [Jock]. Just Another Loose Lugnut On The Wheel Of Life. [Calls]. (09-28-21)

It's The [Calls] Wake Up Thing With [Jock]. If You Ever Need Anything, Call Him. You Have The Number! If Not, Your Sister Does! [Phone #]. [Calls]. (09-28-21)

You've Tuned In To The Morning Show With [Jock] On [Calls]. Excellent Timing On Your Part, Because We Just Happen To Be "Doing" The Morning Show With [Jock] On [Calls]. (09-28-21)

It's The Morning Show 5 Out Of 5 Dentists Prefer... Because The 5th One "Just Buckled!" [Jock] Morning Show On [Calls]. (09-28-21)

It's The Reason That You Bought Your Radio In The First Place. [Calls] (09-28-21)


Support Your Habit... Have Another Hit! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

There's One Station In [City] That Gets It! And You Got It... Right Now! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

If You Just Tuned Us In... Welcome Back To The 90's! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

[Calls]... Playin' Absolutely The Most And Hottest New Music Allowed By Law! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

We're Done Talkin'. Now, Another Extra Long Set Of Today's Best Music Allowed By Law! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

Hot Damn! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

[Calls]... We Don't Need A Wonderbra, We've Already Got The Biggest Hits! (09-28-21)

Cross Training [Golf Swing], Cross Dressing [SFX]. We're Part Of Your Active Lifestyle! [Calls]. (09-28-21)


Puttin' The "Boom" In Your Box! [Calls]. (09-28-21)

You're Only As Old As The Music You Listen To... Stay Young. [Calls]. (09-28-21)

[AT&T SFX] The Number You Have Reached Is [Frequency]. [Calls] Is Your Only Number For Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (09-28-21)

[Calls], Now Another Of Your Favorite Songs! (09-28-21)

If The Person In The Car Next To You Isn't Listening To [Calls]... Yell At Them! (09-28-21)

We Play The New Music First... Cuz We're Good Like That! [Calls] (09-28-21)

The Choice For All Generations. [Calls] (09-28-21)

What Do You Do When You Have 50,000 [100,000] Watts At Your Fingertips? Crank It Up! [Calls] (09-28-21)

If The Person In The Car Next To You Isn't Listening To [Calls], Yell At 'Em! (09-28-21)


Changes & Moves
Vinnie Medugno
Vinnie Medugno
WABC/New York welcomes local crooner and entertainer Vinnie Medugno to its music radio weekend lineup. Your Cousin Vinnie airs 5-6pm beginning More