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Today's Best Music, [Calls]. Just Because Your Workday Is Boring, Doesn't Mean Your Radio Station Has To Be! (01-24-20)

The Best Music On The Radio Is Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (01-24-20)

The Most Music... The Most Fun... Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (01-24-20)

You Can't Stop It And None Can Top It! [XX] Minutes Of Today's Best Music Starts Now on [Calls]. (01-24-20)

Finally... A Radio Station The Whole Family Can Enjoy... Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (01-24-20)

Contrary To Popular Belief... Length Does Matter... 45 Minutes Of Today's Best Music Starts Now On [Calls]. (01-24-20)

Today's Best Music... [Calls]... With An Added Ingredient To Prevent Drowsiness. (01-24-20)

The Button Pushing Stops Here... Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (01-24-20)


Hey You In The [Local College] Shirt, You're Hearing Today's Best Music On [Calls]. (01-24-20)

[Frequency]... Don't Go No Higher... Don't Go No Lower... Today Best Music. [Calls]. (01-24-20)

When [Your Quarterback] Uses His Favorite Receiver, It's On [Calls]. (01-24-20)

[Calls]... Where We Don't Make You Sit Through This [Another Station's Real Bad Music] To Get To This... [Into Your Next Song]. (01-24-20)

[Calls] Where We Never Play A Song Until The Previous One Ends. Because If We Did, [SFX] Your Brain Would Explode! (01-24-20)

Our Station [Calls]... Our Exact Frequency [Dial Position]... Our Guarantee... Rock And Roll Favorites! (01-24-20)

[XX] Minutes Of Non-stop Music Starts Now On [Calls]. It's Amazing We Can Pay The Bills! (01-24-20)

Rip Off The Knob And Beat On The Dash... It's The Drive At Five With [Jock] On [Calls]. Hey, Get Your Hands Back On The Wheel! (01-24-20)


Hot Music... And Noooo Underwear. [Calls]. (01-24-20)

Now, The Maximum Amount Of Music Allowed By Law On [Calls]. (01-24-20)

[Calls]... All The Other Stations Are Just Bugs On Your Windshield. (01-24-20)

If You're In Your Car With Someone That Doesn't Want To Listen To [Calls], Make Them Get Out And Walk! (01-24-20)

From The Top Of A Really Big Tower In The Middle Of A Really Big Field. [Calls]. (01-24-20)

We Only Stop The Music Twice An Hour For Commercials, So You Can Listen Longer. [Calls]. (01-24-20)

Today's Best Music Stops Just Twice An Hour. That Means You Can Listen Longer. [Calls]. (01-24-20)

[Calls] Is... Music For All People. (01-24-20)

[Calls] Buzz Track. The New Music That Matters. (01-24-20)


Changes & Moves
AJ Machado and Sara Perry
AJ Machado and Sara Perry
Longtime local radio host AJ Machado and his co-host Sara Perry exit the morning show at Classic Hits KXSN-FM (Sunny 98.1)/San Diego after joining More



Quick Snaps
Sun Broadcast Group: Country superstar Garth Brooks was a recent guest on SBG's ''The Sam Alex Show'' in Nashville.