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IDs & Sweepers

Today's best music starts now... from the station only stopping the music twice an hour, [Calls]. (07-27-21)

Back to back to back hits. Commercial free. Right now. [Calls]. (07-27-21)

The kids call it old school. We just call it good music on [Calls]. (07-27-21)

We get together like this every weekend. It's the weekend. [Calls] rocks the weekend. (07-27-21)

Shiny new rock, right off the showroom floor. [Calls]. (07-27-21)

Now, right back to [City]'s best music mix for your workday. Mix 107.3. (07-27-21)

[Calls], new music now. It's what's next. (07-27-21)

Made and played in the USA. Continuous Country favorites, [Calls]. (07-27-21)


Thanks for listening and making [Calls] number one at work. (07-27-21)

[Calls], number one for the most music all weekend. (07-27-21)

[Calls], great to listen to while you work. (07-27-21)

Always playing your favorite songs and singers back to back. At work, at home, in the car. [Calls]. (07-27-21)

When you love the music as much as we do, you can't wait to share it. [Calls]. (07-27-21)

[Calls], playing today's best variety while you work. (07-27-21)

Here comes another no-talk triple play. [Calls]. (07-27-21)

When you want the most music for your workday, just hit your [format] button. [Calls], [City]'s #1 workday station. (07-27-21)


This is [Calls], [City]'s #1 station for continuous [format] favorites with less talk. [Calls]. (07-27-21)

More music, less talk. It's a more music weekend on the [format] station, [Calls]. (07-27-21)

More music, now. This is [Calls]. (07-27-21)

You know how to pass the time when you're on the job. With 50 minutes of music every hour. [Calls]. (07-27-21)

[Calls] plays [City]'s best [format] and your all time favorites like this. (07-27-21)

Rockin' the workforce. [Calls] on the job. (07-27-21)

20 in a row. And that's just the beginning. The 20-song free ride starts now. [Calls]. (07-27-21)

Here comes another XX minutes of more and only the right [Format]. On [Calls]. Listen all you want. It's still free. (07-27-21)

Other stations think this is a great place for a commercial. We're giving you another great song. [Calls]. (07-27-21)


Changes & Moves
Krystal Pino
Krystal Pino
Krystal Pino is appointed to middays for Cumulus Classic Hip Hop KSZR-FM (97.5 The Vibe) Tucson, effective July 26. Pino's broadcasting More