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IDs & Sweepers

[Calls]! Licensed By The F.C.C.! Approved By The F.D.A.! Kickin' A Lotta B.U.T.! (07-10-20)

[Calls]... Fire Up The Grill, Ice Down The Drinks And Crank Us Up! Life-Is-Good! (Now, If Cindy Crawford Would Just Show Up!) (08-13-97) (07-10-20)

Today's Best Music Coming On-line In 4, 3, 2... Cue Announcer. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

Your Upbeat Music Station For Variety. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

More Of Upbeat Variety Music. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

We Pick You Up To Make You Feel Good. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

This Is [Calls]. And This Is Variety Music. (07-10-20)

[Calls] Making Your Workday Go Faster. Picking You Up At Work. (07-10-20)


Variety Music. Picking You Up At Work. Here's 25 Minutes, Non-Stop. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

Music That Is Never Loud And Irritating. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

In Any Language [Calls] Means... Variety. (07-10-20)

[Calls]'s At-Work Network Continues. Continuous Music To Make Your Workday Go Faster. (07-10-20)

[Calls] Now Returns To Abnormal Programming. [XX] Minutes Of Non-stop Music Starts Now. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

More Of Today's Best Music, Now! [Calls]. (07-10-20)

Anyone Can Play (XX) Songs In A Row, But [Calls] Gives You (XX) Songs At A Time (Couple Songs Played At Same Time). Uh, Just Kidding. Here's Another Long Stretch Of Today's Best Music On [Calls]. (07-10-20)

(SFX: Rodeo Gate Opens) [Calls] Out Of The Chute With Another Extra Long Set Of Today's Hottest Hits. (07-10-20)


[Calls]. Now (XX) In A Row Starts Now. (Disclaimer Voice) Each Song Subject To Change Without Notice. (07-10-20)

Here We Go Fun, Frolic And 40 Minutes Of Now-stop Hits On [Calls]. (07-10-20)

Now -- More Powerful Than 12 In A Row, Faster Than A Speeding CD And Able To Leap Commercials In A Single Sound -- It's 40 Minutes Of Non-stop Hits From [Calls]. (07-10-20)

Can't Hold It Any Longer -- We Gotta Play 40 Minutes Of Non-stop Hits Right Now. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

Lets Do It. Forty Minutes Non-stop Kicks Off Now. With [Jock] On [Calls]. (07-10-20)

No Rules... No Limits... No Excuses.. Today's Best Music, And Plenty Of It. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

It's Not Brain Surgery, It's Just A Radio Station. Although We Do Mess With Your Head From Time To Time. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

Look To The Future, Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (07-10-20)

Sometimes You Just Have To Say... [Calls]. (07-10-20)


Changes & Moves
Nate Jackson
Nate Jackson
Nate Jackson joins Bonneville Sports KKFN-FM (Radio 104.3 The Fan)/Denver as an air talent. He will be heard across all of the More