IDs & Sweepers

They're Spoiled, But Alot Of DJ's Smell That Way! [Morning Show] On [Calls]. (12-06-19)

[Calls], Where The Music Is Free. (12-06-19)

He Got The Boss Innebriated, And Now He's A DJ! [Jock] On [Calls]. (12-06-19)

Now Served With Freshness Dates To Avoid Staleness. [Calls]. (12-06-19)

[Calls], Bring In The Other Station's Coupon And We'll Match It! (12-06-19)

[Calls]. It's The Weekend! Rip Off The Knob And Beat On The Dash! (12-06-19)

[Calls], If If Someone Doesn't Tune Us In... Tune Them Out! (12-06-19)

We're Thumpin', Pumpin' And Bumpin'... And Our Music's Not Bad Either! [Calls]. (12-06-19)


While You're Listening Outside, Put Your Radio In The Shade. The Music Is Soooo Hot, It Could Ignite Itself! [Calls]. (12-06-19)

[Calls], If They're Not Listening To Us, They're Not Listening. (12-06-19)

[Calls], For A Quick Remedy To That Always Embarrassing Itch! (12-06-19)

We Lead. They Follow. [Calls]. (12-06-19)

Making Up The Rules As We Go Along, [Calls]. (12-06-19)

Kickstarting The Summer In A Big Way, [Calls]. (12-06-19)

When They Draw The Line. We Cross It! [Calls]. (12-06-19)

[Calls/Frequency]. A Little To The Left. No, No, Over A Little. Ahhhh, That's The Spot! (12-06-19)


9 Out Of 10 Doctors Recommend [Calls] As A Vital Nutrient. The Other One Is Being Sued For Malpractice. [Calls]. (12-06-19)

Beachwood Aged And Fire-brewed For That Clean Crisp Sound. [Calls]. (12-06-19)

On The Air And In Your Ear. [Jock] On [Calls]. (12-06-19)

Don't Leave Your Seats Until The Radio Comes To A Complete Stop. [Calls]. (12-06-19)

The Weather's Gettin' Warmer And The Music Getting Hotter. [Calls]. (12-06-19)

Your Votes, Your Music. [Calls], Hot 8 At Eight. (12-06-19)

Right Here, Right Now. [Slogan], [Calls]. (12-06-19)

A Whole Bunch Of Music. A Whole Bunch Of Fun. [Calls]. (12-06-19)

The Only Good Thing About The Constuction On [Road] Is... Now You Can Listen Even Longer In Your Car! [Calls]. (12-06-19)


Changes & Moves
Mike Love
Mike Love
Crawford Broadcasting's WSRB-FM (Soul 106.3)/Chicago morning air personality Mike Love exits the Urban AC outlet. He joined the station More



Quick Snaps
Premiere Networks: Syndicated personality Delilah recently helped iHeartMedia WLIT (93.9 Lite FM)/Chicago ring in the holidays with a live broadcast from the ''Friends'' Pop-Up Experience at the AT&T Flagship Store on Michigan Ave. Delilah joined Program Director and afternoon host Mick Lee for the broadcast, and then they united with the entire Lite FM staff that night for a ride on the station float for the annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Parade.