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IDs & Sweepers

[Calls], Music For 1996... And Beyond. (02-03-23)

The More You Listen, The More You Hear. [Calls] (02-03-23)

Experience The Music. [Calls]. (02-03-23)

[Calls], More Music... Now! (02-03-23)

[Calls], It's Your Music. We... Just Play It. [Calls]. (02-03-23)

The Music... Is Here! [Calls]. (02-03-23)

Broadcasting From The Shallow End Of The Gene Pool... [Morning Show] On [Calls]. (02-03-23)

The [City] Association Of Sarcastic People Said, "[Morning Show]? Oh Yeah, Their Show Is Great... Really. (02-03-23)


[Morning Show] On [Calls]. The [City] Chapter Of People Who Overrate Everything, Gave The Show Five Stars Out Of Ten. (02-03-23)

Heads We Play Another Song, Tails We Play A Commercial. Hey! That's A Double Headed Coin! I Guess We Play Another Song! [Calls]. (02-03-23)

We Have So Much Music In Our Studio, We Just Don't Have Room For As Many Commercials As The Other Guys Do. [Calls]. (02-03-23)

So Much Music, Even The Other Stations Are Tuned In. [Calls]. (02-03-23)

Our Music Is So Hot And So New. If This Was A Military Installation, You Would Need Special Clearance To Listen! [Calls]. (02-03-23)

Commercial Free! XX Minutes Of Non-stop Music. Boy Does That Make The Other Guys Jealous! [Calls]. (02-03-23)

[Calls] Plays This [Clip]. And This [Clip]. And This [Clip]. All Kinds Of Music, For All Kinds Of People. [Calls]. (02-03-23)

[Calls], More Songs You Like. Less Songs You Don't. (02-03-23)


[Calls], Some Places Are Just Known For Great Music! (02-03-23)

[Calls], Where Music Lives. (02-03-23)

[Calls], You Bring The Radio, We'll Bring The Music. (02-03-23)

When You Listen To [Calls]. And You Live In [City]. Life Is Gooood! (02-03-23)

[Calls], The Radio Station For The Next Hundred Years. (02-03-23)

[Calls], As Traditional As Traffic On [Street]. (02-03-23)

We Are The Perfect Station To Listen To If You're On [Area Highway]... Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride... And Enjoy The Music! [Calls]. (02-03-23)

Pardon Me, Would You Pass The Hits! [Calls]. (02-03-23)

[City Of License], [Numerous Surrounding Cities]. Your Town, Your Music! [Calls]. (02-03-23)


Changes & Moves
Anne Marie ''Annie'' Leamy
Anne Marie ''Annie'' Leamy
WCBS-FM in New York welcomes Anne Marie "Annie" Leamy to mornings. She'll be heard on "Foxx & Annie in the Morning" alongside co-host and Brand More