IDs & Sweepers

(Skating/Skiing/Sledding) Through XX Minutes Of Non-stop Hits! [Calls]. (05-29-20)

More CD's... More Cassettes... And Your Ticket To Rock! [Calls]. (05-29-20)

It's A Ticket To Rock Weekend! [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Now That We've Paid Some Bills, Here's More Of Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

It's Another Hot Summer Classic Weekend. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

All Hit [Calls]... Continuous Music, Better Variety, [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Today's Hottest Hits And The Music You Grew Up With. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

In Case You've Forgotten... This Is The [Area]'s 12 In A Row Radio Station... [Calls]. (05-29-20)


Hit Rockin', Body Shockin'... [Calls]. (05-29-20)

[Morning team]... Listen Lots! There Are People In China With Poor Reception. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

The Radio Station Your Mother Warned You About... [Calls]. (05-29-20)

This Is Not Your Father's Radio Station... [Calls]. (05-29-20)

No Shirt, No Shoes, Noooo Problem. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Morning Sickness Never Sounded So Good. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

If You Don't Hear [Calls] On Hold... Hang Up! [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Radio That Sticks To The Roof Of Your Car. [Calls]. (05-29-20)


If You Don't Rock With Us... Your Sister Will! [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Broadcasting From The Hottest Stick In Town. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

It's The All-FAX Request Hour. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Eatin' Nails, Drinkin' Gunpowder Soup And Listenin' To Rock And Roll Full Blast. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Flyin' By The Seat Of Our Pants - Got An Extra Pair We Can Borrow? [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Here, I Got A Bunch Of Quarters. The Next 15 Songs Are On Me, Ok? [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Listening To Anything Else Is Like Kissing Your Sister. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

America's Most Talked About Program. [Calls]. (05-29-20)

Its A Flashback Lunch. [Calls]. (05-29-20)


Changes & Moves
Kurt Wallace
Kurt Wallace
Contemporary Christian WAKW-FM (Star 93.3)/Cincinnati evening personality Kurt Wallace moves to PM drive. He joins Taylor Morgan More