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You Need Just One Frequency. This One. This Your [Calls]. (02-15-19)

More Of Today's Best Music In 60 Seconds On [Calls]. (02-15-19)

We're Kickin' Off Another Long Set Of Today's Music Right Now. Today's Best Music Is [Calls]. (02-15-19)

Give Us The Next Half Hour And We'll Give You Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (02-15-19)

Are You Ready For Some More Of Today's Hit Music? [Calls]. (02-15-19)

Rolling Twice As Much Continuous Hit Music Again This Hour. [Calls]. (02-15-19)

Today's Best Music Is What We Do Best. [Calls]. (02-15-19)

Fire Up Over 40 Minutes. Non-Stop. [Calls]. (02-15-19)

You're Entering Maximum Auditory Overdose. [Calls] Goes Non-Stop Now. (02-15-19)

[Calls], It's All About The Music. (02-15-19)

We May Not Be Rocket Scientists, But We Sure Know How To Rock It! [Calls]. (02-15-19)

A Lot Like Real Life, Only Louder! [Calls]. (02-15-19)

Serving 11 Counties, Business And Industry, A Couple Of Trailor Parks... And You! [Calls]. (02-15-19)

The Station That Rules The Schools And Storms The Dorms. [Calls]. (02-15-19)

Make Sure We're The First Preset On Your Car Radio. In Fact, Make Sure We're Every Preset On Your Car Radio! [Calls]. (02-15-19)

No Rules... No Limits... No Excuses.. Today's Best Music, And Plenty Of It [Calls]. (02-15-19)

It's Not Brain Surgery, Its Just A Radio Station. Although We Do Mess With Your Head From Time To Time... [Calls]. (02-15-19)

Whenever You Hear One Of These Songs You Know You're Listening To Today's Best Music, [Calls]. (02-15-19)

[Calls]. [Region]'s #1 Choice For Today's Hit Music. Turn It Up, It's Your Music. (02-15-19)

Blow Off The Commercials. Get Back To The Music. [Calls]. (02-15-19)

It's A Bomb Cut. [Reverse SFX] End The Commercials. Get Back To The Music. [Calls]. (02-15-19)

[Calls]. (Pause) Now... [Jock] Plays More Of Today's Hit Music. On The Station [City] Turns On For Hit Music. Every Hour. Every Day. [Calls]. (02-15-19)

The Button Pushing Stops Here. [City]'s [Calls]. (02-15-19)

We Don't Care How You Got Here, We're Just Glad You Showed Up! [Calls]. (02-15-19)

If It Weren't For Today's Best Music, We'd Be Forced To Play That Crap All The Other Stations Play... And Who Needs That? [Calls]. (02-15-19)

Changes & Moves
Chadd and Kristi Thomas
Chadd and Kristi Thomas
Chadd and Kristi Thomas join for WDZH-FM (987 The Breeze) Detroit as morning co-hosts of "The Chadd & Kristi Morning More

Quick Snaps
Westwood One News: It was a ruff day for Westwood One News. On eve of his coverage of the Westminster Kennel Club ''Best in Show'' award, which will be announced Tuesday night February 12, WWON's New York Bureau Chief Steve Kastenbaum gets in some interviews at Madison Square Garden.