IDs & Sweepers

The Only Man To Figure Out Voctoria's Secret... [Jock] On [Calls]. (06-26-19)

[Calls]... The Best Of Both Worlds... Size And Frequency! (06-26-19)

Your Attention Please! When Listening To [Jock] on [Calls], Always Keep Your Hands In The Ten And Two Positions! (06-26-19)

The [City]'s Best Mix Is On [Calls]. [Quick Disclaimer] Radio And [Jock] Action Figure Sold Separately. (06-26-19)

[Jock]... Always In Peak Physical Condition. [Casual/Sincerely Spoken] Hey [Jock First Name], Want A Twinkie? (06-26-19)

Closed Captioned For The Tempo Impaired. (06-26-19)

Increase Productivity And Decrease Employee Absense... Turn On The At Work Network... Today's Best Music... [Calls]. (06-26-19)

The Following Radio Transmission Is Intended For Entertainment Purposes Only... [Calls]. (06-26-19)


[Calls/Location] [Frequency (Example: 102 - Point - 1 FM)] What's The Point? It's That Little Dot Between The Two And The One. (06-26-19)

[Calls]... If This Isn't The Music Of Your Life... Get One! (06-26-19)

We're Only Gonna Stop The Music Once This Hour. Hey, We've Gotta Make The DJ Work For His Money! (06-26-19)

We Don't Make Jokes. We Just Watch The Government And Report The Facts. The Morning Guys On [Calls]. (06-26-19)

Let's Pop The Top And Pour Out Some Hot New Country. (06-26-19)

Always First With Hot New Country. (06-26-19)

This Is A Hot Country [Mexican Guy Speaking Spanish]... This Is A Hot Country Hit. [Hit Current Song] [Calls]. (06-26-19)

[Calls]... You'd Better Keep Up With Us, Because We Ain't Slowin' Down! (06-26-19)


There's Nothing Wrong With Your Radio... We're Just Adjusting Your Attitude. (06-26-19)

Now, [Calls] Kicks Off The "Drive At Five" With The Best [Format] Music, Personally Selected By You, The World's Smartest Listener. (06-26-19)

[Calls] Drive At Five... Slide Over, We'll Drive. (06-26-19)

[Calls] Drive At Five... Hey, Keep Your Eyes On The Road, That's How Accidents Happen. (06-26-19)

[Calls]... Share Us With Someone You Love And See What Happens. (06-26-19)

[Calls]... Isn't There A Little Bit Of [Format] In All Of Us? (06-26-19)

[Calls]... Hey, It's Ok To Admit You Listen To [Format] Music Now! (06-26-19)

[Calls]... A Lot Less Talk And A Lot More Action. (06-26-19)

Still Going... Nothing Outlasts 40 Minutes Of Non-stop Music. [Calls]. It Keeps Going And Going And Going... (06-26-19)


Changes & Moves
Kyle Meredith
Kyle Meredith
WFPK-FM (91.9) Louisville announces changes to its weekday programming. Beginning July 1, WFPK will premiere "Kyle Meredith With..." More



Quick Snaps
WSOU-FM/New York: The student-run radio station at Seton Hall University, set a new record for donations to its annual clothing drive for the Our Lady of the Sioux Church on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The station collected enough clothing to fill 14 large boxes with clothes for all ages and all seasons. L-R: Sports Director Dalton Allison, Staff Rep Kaleigh Diamond, News Director Bob Towey, Technical Operations Director Jillian Fitzpatrick and Assistant News Director Ronald Castaneda.