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If It Weren't For Today's Best Music, We'd Be Forced To Play That Crap All The Other Stations Play, And Who Needs That? [Calls]. (08-14-19)

We've Secretly Been Listening To Workplaces That Don't Listen To [Calls]. (Snoring Sfx) Congratulations To The Station That Won't Put You To Sleep At Work! [Calls]. (08-14-19)

[Calls], If It's Got A Great Beat And It's Easy To Dance To, You Gotta Give It A [Frequency]! (08-14-19)

[Calls], Licensed By The F.C.C.! Approved By The F.D.A.! Kickin' A Lotta B.U.T.T! (08-14-19)

The Best Thing Between Your Car's Front Seats! [Calls]. (08-14-19)

[Calls]. Fire Up The Grill, Ice Down The Drinks And Crank Us Up! Life Is Good! (Now, If Cindy Crawford Would Just Show Up!) (05-19-97) (08-14-19)

[Calls]. Piling Up More Hits Than Donations To The White House! (08-14-19)

We're Not Makin' Excuses, We're Makin' Winners! [Calls]. (08-14-19)


[Calls]. If There Ever Was A Valid Reason For Cloning, We'd Be It! (08-14-19)

[Calls]. Just Like Tiger Woods, We're Killing The Competition! (08-14-19)

We're Out Of Control. Listen Brfore The Government Gets Involved. [Calls]. (08-14-19)

Tune Us In, Lock Us On And Tattoo Us On Your Brain! [Calls]. (08-14-19)

Years Of Research, Testing And Careful Planning... Thrown Right Out The Window! [Calls]. (08-14-19)

Cutting Edge Thinking, Cutting Edge Technology And We Don't Understand Any Of It! [Calls]. (08-14-19)

Today's Hottest Music (A Bit Rushed) May Be Fatal If Swallowed, But Be Our Guest. [Calls]. (08-14-19)

Today's Hottest Music. Don't Like It? Try It With Ketchup! [Calls]. (08-14-19)


Whenever You Hear One Of These Songs... (Montage) You Know You're Listening To Today's Best Music On [Calls]. (08-14-19)

You Wouldn't Buy A Pair Of Pants With Just "One Leg," So Why Settle For A Radio Station That Plays Only One Kind Of Music? For True Music Variety, It's [Calls]. We Put Our Variety On One Leg At A Time. (08-14-19)

Because Your Ears Demand It! [City]'s Source For Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (08-14-19)

Turn Us On, Fire Us Up And Don't Look Back! [Calls]. (08-14-19)

Please Note: You're Getting Your Work Done With [Calls]. (08-14-19)

We May Not Be Rocket Scientists, But We Sure Know How To Rock It! [Calls]. (08-14-19)

A Lot Like Real Life. Only Louder! [Calls]. (08-14-19)

Now. From [Calls] World Headquarters. Let's Roll Another 12-In-A-Row Music Marathon. [Calls]. (08-14-19)

Bored In The Eighties. Dominating The Nineties. [City]'s Hottest Hits. Now. [Calls]. (08-14-19)


Changes & Moves
Dave Mason
Dave Mason
Adult Hits KFMB-FM (100.7)/San Diego taps Dave Mason to join the weekend lineup. In addition to doing weekends, he'll also More



Quick Snaps
Yea Networks: The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show took the opportunity to spread out across four of their affiliate markets last week for a Thursday Meet-Up with thousands of KiddNation members. Co-host Big Al Mack visited WDOD (Hits 96) in Chattanooga, TN, on August 8, where he was the guest of honor at the Chattanooga Lookouts baseball game. L-R: Big Al Mack and Brantley Bell of the Chattanooga Lookouts.