IDs & Sweepers

They're Spoiled, But Alot Of DJ's Smell That Way! [Morning Show] On [Calls]. (10-16-18)

[Calls], Where The Music Is Free. (10-16-18)

He Got The Boss Innebriated, And Now He's A DJ! [Jock] On [Calls]. (10-16-18)

Now Served With Freshness Dates To Avoid Staleness. [Calls]. (10-16-18)

[Calls], Bring In The Other Station's Coupon And We'll Match It! (10-16-18)

[Calls]. It's The Weekend! Rip Off The Knob And Beat On The Dash! (10-16-18)

[Calls], If If Someone Doesn't Tune Us In... Tune Them Out! (10-16-18)

We're Thumpin', Pumpin' And Bumpin'... And Our Music's Not Bad Either! [Calls]. (10-16-18)

While You're Listening Outside, Put Your Radio In The Shade. The Music Is Soooo Hot, It Could Ignite Itself! [Calls]. (10-16-18)

[Calls], If They're Not Listening To Us, They're Not Listening. (10-16-18)

[Calls], For A Quick Remedy To That Always Embarrassing Itch! (10-16-18)

We Lead. They Follow. [Calls]. (10-16-18)

Making Up The Rules As We Go Along, [Calls]. (10-16-18)

Kickstarting The Summer In A Big Way, [Calls]. (10-16-18)

When They Draw The Line. We Cross It! [Calls]. (10-16-18)

[Calls/Frequency]. A Little To The Left. No, No, Over A Little. Ahhhh, That's The Spot! (10-16-18)

9 Out Of 10 Doctors Recommend [Calls] As A Vital Nutrient. The Other One Is Being Sued For Malpractice. [Calls]. (10-16-18)

Beachwood Aged And Fire-brewed For That Clean Crisp Sound. [Calls]. (10-16-18)

On The Air And In Your Ear. [Jock] On [Calls]. (10-16-18)

Don't Leave Your Seats Until The Radio Comes To A Complete Stop. [Calls]. (10-16-18)

The Weather's Gettin' Warmer And The Music Getting Hotter. [Calls]. (10-16-18)

Your Votes, Your Music. [Calls], Hot 8 At Eight. (10-16-18)

Right Here, Right Now. [Slogan], [Calls]. (10-16-18)

A Whole Bunch Of Music. A Whole Bunch Of Fun. [Calls]. (10-16-18)

The Only Good Thing About The Constuction On [Road] Is... Now You Can Listen Even Longer In Your Car! [Calls]. (10-16-18)

Changes & Moves
Alpha Media/West Palm Beach adds The Andy Slater Show to afternoon drive (3-5pm Monday-Friday) on 640 The Hurricane (WMEN-AM). Slater will be in More

Quick Snaps
Cumulus Media: The one and only Dolly Parton joined Ty, Kelly and Chuck in-studio in Nashville to talk about her latest Netflix project, ''Dumplin','' which led her to working with Jennifer Aniston and Sia. Ty, Kelly and Chuck also chatted with Dolly about her Imagination Library and her most embarrassing moment. L-R: Ty Bentli, Dolly Parton, Kelly Ford and Chuck Wicks.