IDs & Sweepers

Super Size Your Morning Show With [Jock] In The Morning... With Biggie Music, Biggie Weather And Biggie Laughs! [Calls] (12-13-18)

In School, He Was Voted Most Likely To Drip! [Jock] On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

Ok, Let's Be Honest, If Van Gogh Was Alive Today And He Had To Listen To [Competitor], He'd Probably Cut Off The Other Ear! [Jock] In The Morning On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

Keep [Jock] In The Morning From Hearing These Six Dreaded Words: "Would Yo Like Fries With That?" [Jock] In The Morning On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

With Half His Brain Tied Behind His Back, [Jock] In The Morning On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

The Human Body Has Millions And Millions Of Nerves... And He Won't Stop Until He's On Your Last One. [Jock] In The Morning On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

The Music Makes You Binge, The Host Makes You Purge. [Jock] In The Morning On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

[Jock] In The Morning. The Other White Meat! [Calls]. (12-13-18)

His Coach Said He Wasn't Tall Enough, Said He Wasn't Strong Enough, Said He Wasn't Fast Enough, But He Never Gave Up. And He Failed Miserably! [Jock] In The Morning On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

Punch Those Time Cards And Head Out. It's Time For The Drive At Five With [Jock] On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

Back Up Those Computer Files And Shut Down That Printer. It's Time For The Drive At Five With [Jock] On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

It's Time To Get On [Interstate Highway], Get 'er Up To 65 And Take The Drive At Five With [Jock] On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

Headin' Home On Highway [XX] And Takin' The Drive At Five With [Jock] On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

The Whistle's Blowin', The Road Is Callin', It's Time For The Drive At Five With [Jock] On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

Whenever You're Confronted With Boring Radio, Flip Off Those Ugly Radio Stations And Flip On The Station That Everyone Is Switching Stations To Hear. [Calls]. (12-13-18)

If You Keep Listening, We'll Be Your Best Friend... There's A Backrub In It For Ya. [Calls]. (12-13-18)

Make Sure We're The First Preset On Your Car Radio. In Fact, Make Sure We're Every Preset On Your Car Radio! [Calls]. (12-13-18)

Anyone Can Play (XX) Songs In A Row, But [Calls] Gives You (XX) Songs At A Time (Songs Played At Same Time). Uh, Just Kidding. Here's Another Long Stretch Of Today's Best Music On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

(SFX: Rodeo Gate Opens) [Calls] Out Of The Chute With Another Extra Long Set Of Today's Hottest Hits. [Calls]. (12-13-18)

[Calls]. Now (XX) In A Row Starts Now. (Disclaimer Voice) Each Song Subject To Change Without Notice. (12-13-18)

[Jock]. Yeah I Know. His Dog Doesn't Care, Either! [Calls]. (12-13-18)

All Flash, No Substance. [Jock] On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

When (Local Celebrity) Was Asked, "What's Your Favorite Part Of The [Jock] Show?" Their Response Was, "Who?" [Calls]. (12-13-18)

After Careful Thought, Intensive Research, The Pursuit Of The Perfect Morning Show Was Never Found. [Jocks] On [Calls]... They'll Do! (12-13-18)

You're Waking Up With The Morning Misfits. [Jocks] In The Morning On [Calls]. (12-13-18)

Changes & Moves
Ayla Brown
Ayla Brown
Beasley Media Group names Ayla Brown as the new morning co-host at WKLB-FM (Country 102.5) Boston. Jackson and Ayla Brown can More

Quick Snaps
The Bob & Tom Show: Legendary Top 40 radio personality and Radio Hall of Famer John Records Landecker paid a visit to