IDs & Sweepers

Question? What is a Jammin' Oldie? [Calls]. (04-19-19)

A better variety and more music hour. We're [Calls]. (04-19-19)

[Calls] plays the best variety of the 80's, 90's and today. And a no repeat workday. [Calls] (04-19-19)

[Calls]. No repeats. (04-19-19)

[Frequency]. The best variety of the 80's, 90's and today. [Calls] (04-19-19)

[City]'s longest music sweep starts now. On [Calls]. (04-19-19)

If you can't hear us from where you live... move! [Calls]. (04-19-19)

You demanded it, and we created it. This is [Calls]. The #1 hit music station. (04-19-19)


When you hear this, it's [Calls], the #1 hit music station. (04-19-19)

Here's another all time favorite on [City]'s [Calls]. (04-19-19)

The new [Calls]. Your music for the new millennium, today. (04-19-19)

Now, back to the music. Your music for the new millennium, today. The new [Calls]. (04-19-19)

We paid the fiddler, now let's dance. Here comes another 50 minute music hour of today's best Country. [Calls]. (04-19-19)

[Calls], playing all of today's best music, not just some of it. (04-19-19)

Before dot com, it was dot [Partial Frequency]. [Calls]. (04-19-19)

Fewer interruptions, more songs in a row. [Calls]. (04-19-19)


No top 40 hype or repetition. No old boring slow songs. Here comes [City]'s best mix of music. [Calls]. (04-19-19)

Only one radio station makes your workday a little more managable. Only one station is [Calls]. (04-19-19)

Playin' nothing but the hits. Always have, always will. [Calls]. (04-19-19)

The new [Calls] continuous music promise starts now. (04-19-19)

The most continuous music. The new [Calls]. (04-19-19)

Another long set of today's hit music, [Calls]. (04-19-19)

You're locked in to today's hit music. [Calls]. (04-19-19)

It's music for all people, [Calls]. (04-19-19)

Turn us on and we'll turn you on. [Calls]. (04-19-19)


Changes & Moves
Dyron Ducati
Dyron Ducati
Cox Media Group's WALR-FM (KISS 104.1) Atlanta adds Dyron Ducati to the weekday line-up as the new midday host More



Quick Snaps
Westwood One: Congratulations to Lon Helton, host of Westwood One's Country Countdown USA and publisher of Country Aircheck, who was honored for his impact on Country music with the Bob Kingsley Living Legend Award during an event held last night, Wednesday, April 10th, at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. L-R: Bob Kingsley, Trisha Yearwood, Lon Helton, Sally Williams and Garth Brooks.