IDs & Sweepers

You Need Just One Frequency. This One. This Your [Calls]. (04-08-20)

More Of Today's Best Music In 60 Seconds On [Calls]. (04-08-20)

We're Kickin' Off Another Long Set Of Today's Music Right Now. Today's Best Music Is [Calls]. (04-08-20)

Give Us The Next Half Hour And We'll Give You Today's Best Music. [Calls]. (04-08-20)

Are You Ready For Some More Of Today's Hit Music? [Calls]. (04-08-20)

Rolling Twice As Much Continuous Hit Music Again This Hour. [Calls]. (04-08-20)

Today's Best Music Is What We Do Best. [Calls]. (04-08-20)

Fire Up Over 40 Minutes. Non-Stop. [Calls]. (04-08-20)


You're Entering Maximum Auditory Overdose. [Calls] Goes Non-Stop Now. (04-08-20)

[Calls], It's All About The Music. (04-08-20)

We May Not Be Rocket Scientists, But We Sure Know How To Rock It! [Calls]. (04-08-20)

A Lot Like Real Life, Only Louder! [Calls]. (04-08-20)

Serving 11 Counties, Business And Industry, A Couple Of Trailor Parks... And You! [Calls]. (04-08-20)

The Station That Rules The Schools And Storms The Dorms. [Calls]. (04-08-20)

Make Sure We're The First Preset On Your Car Radio. In Fact, Make Sure We're Every Preset On Your Car Radio! [Calls]. (04-08-20)

No Rules... No Limits... No Excuses.. Today's Best Music, And Plenty Of It [Calls]. (04-08-20)


It's Not Brain Surgery, Its Just A Radio Station. Although We Do Mess With Your Head From Time To Time... [Calls]. (04-08-20)

Whenever You Hear One Of These Songs You Know You're Listening To Today's Best Music, [Calls]. (04-08-20)

[Calls]. [Region]'s #1 Choice For Today's Hit Music. Turn It Up, It's Your Music. (04-08-20)

Blow Off The Commercials. Get Back To The Music. [Calls]. (04-08-20)

It's A Bomb Cut. [Reverse SFX] End The Commercials. Get Back To The Music. [Calls]. (04-08-20)

[Calls]. (Pause) Now... [Jock] Plays More Of Today's Hit Music. On The Station [City] Turns On For Hit Music. Every Hour. Every Day. [Calls]. (04-08-20)

The Button Pushing Stops Here. [City]'s [Calls]. (04-08-20)

We Don't Care How You Got Here, We're Just Glad You Showed Up! [Calls]. (04-08-20)

If It Weren't For Today's Best Music, We'd Be Forced To Play That Crap All The Other Stations Play... And Who Needs That? [Calls]. (04-08-20)


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Dennis Patchin and Rick Lukens
Dennis Patchin and Rick Lukens
Long-running Sports/Talk hosts Patchin and Lukens (Dennis Patchin and Rick Lukens) signed off from KXLY-AM (700 ESPN)/Spokane, WA, for the More