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This ain't your momma's radio station, unless you've got a really cool momma. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Life is hard. Listen longer. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

[Morning show], the marshmallows in your "hot chocolate of life." [Calls]. (08-17-18)

[Morning show], the twist of lemon in your iced tea of life. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Why do we play just the hits? Reason number 738: Aren't we supposed to? [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Now, twelve more of the songs you love, from the station that plays 12 in a row. We love the music as mush as you do. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Always a better song. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

A music mix that's just right. All day while you work. The eighties, nineties and today. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Today's hit music. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

[Calls] plays all the songs you like without all the songs you don't. (08-17-18)

Lite rock favorites and a lot less talk on [Calls]. (08-17-18)

No sleepy elevator music or kiddie top 40. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

[Calls] is continuous hit music. (08-17-18)

Now, the most music rolls on. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

At least 50 minutes, every hour, all day long. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

You're just minutes away from "Man I haven't heard that in a long time!" only on [Calls]. (08-17-18)

[Calls], [City]'s Hit Music Leader. (08-17-18)

[Calls] is today's hit music without the hype. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Hit music for the new millennium, or a thousand years, which ever comes first. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Now playing today's hit music. 40 minutes non stop. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

You're a minute away from more [Calls] music. (08-17-18)

What you call psychotic behavior, we call company policy. Thanks for rocking with [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Kicking off a Classic Rock block. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Years of research, testing and careful planning... thrown right out the window. Today's hit music [Calls]. (08-17-18)

The 50/50 music mix that picks you up and makes you feel good. [Calls]. (08-17-18)

Changes & Moves
DJ Quicksilva
DJ Quicksilva
Radio One/Washington, DC, announces the return of DJ Quicksilva as the host of the all new "Quicksilva Show." As one of the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia)'s More

Quick Snaps
WHBC-FM/Canton: WHBC-AM (News/Talk 1480) and WHBC-FM (Mix 94.1)/Canton, OH, along with AultCare raised $213,946 for Wishes Can Happen and AultCare. The stations joined forces once again to broadcast live August 9-10 for 36 hours in the parking lot at Springbrook Plaza, Whipple Avenue NW, Canton.