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A Legend In Our Mother's Minds. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Don't Touch That Dial, You Don't Know Where It's Been. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

The Official Radio Station Of The Solar System. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Others Say It, We Prove It. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Our Boss Is On Vacation, And We're In Charge. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Guaranteed To Make Stoplights Go Faster. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

We Guarantee We Won't Play Any Song, Until The Previous One Ends. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

We Asked [City] What They Wanted In A Radio Station... And They Told Us. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

If Your Boss Won't Let You Listen To [Calls] At Work, Quit! (04-25-18)

Flip Us On, Flip Them Off. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Always Hot, No Matter What Time Of The Year. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Stand Back... This Thing Could Blow. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Burning Up The Universe, Through Speakers Near You. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Ladies And Gentlemen, Our National Anthem. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Now You Know Why We're Hot And They're Not. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

We Promise You Less Music From Dead Guys. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

More Fun Than Spit Shining A Bald Guy. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

More Fun Than Going On A Date With A Bad Cold. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

More Fun Than Watching Paint Dry. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

More Fun Than An Infomercial. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

More Fun Than Nausea On A Merry-Go-Round. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

We Didn't Invent Great Music, We Perfected It. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

The Best Music, Period. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

When The Sun Goes Down, The Volume Goes Up. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Attention! The Noise Coming From Your Radio Is Not A Mistake. [Calls]. (04-25-18)

Changes & Moves
The Woody Show
The Woody Show
After a four-year absence, Cumulus announces the return of "The Woody Show" to Bay Area morning radio on Rock KFOG-FM/San Francisco. Woody and his co-hosts Ravey, Greg, More

Quick Snaps
NASH FM: It was a Carrie Takeover when Carrie Underwood stopped by Ty, Kelly and Chuck's studios at the NASH Campus in Nashville. The trio talked to Carrie about her new song and album ''Cry Pretty'' and what it was like for her being out of the public eye for six months after her fall. L-R: Ty Bentli, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Ford and Chuck Wicks.