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Radio Station Database FAQ


How will my data be delivered?
You will be able to download your data immediately after your subscription is processed. The menu to download a customized or full database can be found here.

Where does your data come from?
Our data comes from many sources including the FCC, Nielsen, press releases and radio station websites.

Is your data verified?
We mail to each email address once per quarter to verify deliverability. However, our goal is to give our customers as much data for thier money as possible. We compile data every day and make it affordable to everyone.

Is it illegal to send emails the businesses on your lists?
No. It is legal to contact a business or consumer on our lists as long as you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and our email guidelines.

I don't have MS Excel. Can I still use your data?
Yes. An Excel .CSV file is a simple comma-delimited file (data fields separated by a comma) that can be opened by any text editor, such a Notepad.

Can I resell or distribute your list to others?
No. All of the data offered for sale on this website is compiled by RADIO ONLINE and protected under the DCMA. It is for your personal and business use only. It would not be fair to us for someone to purchase our data at our low prices and then resell it. All of our data contains special "markers" to help us track and identify it. So, if you pirate it, we'll know it.


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